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Welcome to Teme Valley Adjustable and Reclining Beds

Here at TemeValley based in the UK, we specialise in the most advanced bed technology that gives a level of relaxation second to none. This is particularly beneficial if you suffer from back pain and other conditions, so as adjustable bed and recliner specialists, our team can ensure not only an efficient service but a professional one to all our clients too. We have an extensive range of products ranging from adjustable beds, to fitted furniture, to mobility products and Chesterfield furniture. What we ensure is in common with all our products are exceptional quality and a professional service to come with them.

Our adjustable and reclining beds are designed not only for comfort and convenience but for ease of use too – including our range of electric adjustable beds, making bedtime an even more relaxing experience for you.
Not only do we have our range of adjustable and recliner beds, we also have Temeform coolblue memory foam mattresses, providing support and these are available in different firmnesses to suit your body weight. This accompanied with one of our memory foam pillows will allow for a healthy sleeping environment and the perfect night sleep.

People often don't realise how important a good night sleep is. Back problems, heart and blood conditions and many other medical problems can often be a cause of a bad night's sleep. Purchasing the right bed to suit, can help you to get a better night's sleep and might be able to reduce the risk of various health conditions and thus can help to improve your health. Together we have more than 50 years’ experience and with our range of adjustable beds and recliners they are not only technically advanced to provide this outstanding comfort, but also represents the pinnacle of style. A third of your life is spent in bed which is why we want to make sure all our adjustable beds we are offer are of the best quality and comfort to give.
We want to make sure your sleep is as comfortable as possible!

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